Golden words by John Steinbeck “Power doesn’t corrupt, fear corrupts…Perhaps the fear of loss of power.”

Last Sunday while lounging passively in my house, I tried to deem this corruption in a better way. A simple analogy came to my mind that what would I do with the money left with me given by my mom to get some groceries. I took some time to ponder and thought that I’ll get some sort of stuff for me without even telling her when I realized “That’s it.”Corruption is just like that, basically when the public goods or resources are used by public officials or individuals for their personal profit illegally.

Corruption to a country is tantamount to viruses in a computer system. Just as a virus vandalizes the whole working mechanism of the computer, this corruption does the same with a nation. Corruption, I’ll say it is a communicable disease whose symptoms could be seen everywhere in the world. Although it’s a worldwide phenomenon, it’s particularly damaging the developing countries like India. You’ll be surprised to know that it was an entity since the Mauryan empire as the great scholar ‘Kautilya’

has directed almost 40 different sorts of corruption in his contemporary society. So I wanna get straight to “eradication of corruption”. We all know so far that many employers are there with low wages, so in the greed of more money they do malicious work, ‘Corruption’ prevailing in the list. Thus it must be noted by the government to ensure proper wages for these workers. By increasing the number of workers the demand for money to complete the work faster would be reduced, workplaces should be appended with cameras to have a look at what’s going on there, media should be kept active during different scams to aware people, the selection process in jobs and other sectors should be transparent and verified, transactions must be online with a bill of every purchase and anti-corruption movies such as ‘Satyamev Jayate’, ‘Gabbar is Back’ or ‘The Laundromat’ should be promoted.

Well dogmatically saying, I’m not a BJP mentor or a Modi Bhkat but I do strongly support their ‘checkmate’ against corruption, which exactly was ‘Demonetization’. Eradicating corruption with similar moves would not only help us, but India would become an idol for the entire world. It’s so often to listen to people talking that nothing could ever change in India which sometimes seems true. As per the CPI (corruption perception index) of TI (transparency international), Somalia is at the peak while Denmark at the base of corruption, and our nation at 79th which is a real intense matter of not only discussion but also work on.

The famous singer and songwriter ‘Kurt Cobain’ had aforecited “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”. So guys now it’s the time to fight against these 24 Spectrum scam, Fodder scam, Indian Coal Allocation scam, Common Wealth scam, and much more. As Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything”. Now get on the rise and fight against this disease from spreading as we all did with this Coronavirus Pandemic.

"Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried" - William Shakespeare